On the Futility of Waking the Woke

The futility of waking the woke to the underlying problem … the one enabling the fancy of fruition for every fascist flicker frolicking about behind the foreheads of every last member of today's GOP…

the flickers coming faster and faster now … as we approach the demographical destination point past which there lies no more minority rule …

a demographical destination point the fear of which they are not alone in possessing …

the one pushing possibility … promoting progressive motion to the point where the forming of a more perfect union, a true multicultural democracy for the land of the free, becomes measurably closer to inevitable than it is to unfathomable.

Alas … this union is not for you … for to form it you must first wake.

They committed themselves to the fascist coup as early as when they chose to hold a kangaroo court in place of the first impeachment trial. There is no pivot … only an obstructionist pretense.

On Political Cycles

When we showed up in numbers … we gained the upper hand.

On Reality Rejectionism

But the work was not finished … and we have left the remnant of our dumpster fire to smolder.

On Sparking Dumpster Fires

To heal as a nation would require merging our bifurcated information ecosystem. A stable democracy cannot house two realities.

On Political Analysis

We wanted … we still want … blood … for blood is warranted…

On Accountability

But the blood must balanced with something else … with something new

On Moving the Needle

We continue to choose the unbalanced approach. So blinded by our outrage we are unable to see what progress necessitates

On Perpetual Tribalism

Which has been extremely difficult for me to watch.

On What is Easier

Carrying ahead as we've arrived does nought but stoke the flames of that fire. Ingenuity will be required. A grassroots movement to reach into that other bubble of reality and snatch back what souls we can salvage.

On Discrepant World-views and Problem Solving Efficacy (or On F$&kin' Dragons)

There is no pivot for the Republican Party. There is only their base … and the beacons that draw them

The goal has always been minority rule by the white few over the multicultural many. They share this goal with others.

It is the bifurcated information ecosystem which enables them…

to sculpt their base to suit their needs.

By controlling the end to end information ecosystem of their base, they have successfully torn the fabric of American society in two.

And now the cultified have begun joining the ranks … and they are all the way in.

We had the momentum. It is now a push … and we've but one clear way to topple the house of cards they've built for themselves within that other bubble of American reality.

We must merge our dual reality back into one … one common reality … a reality within which we might find that common ground … the common ground required should we wish to build a strong foundation … fortify the American experiment … so that it may be gifted to our children. We must do this … and time is running out to start trying…

the futility of waking the woke.