On the Futility of Waking the Woke

The futility of waking the woke to the underlying problem … the one enabling the fancy of fruition for every fascist flicker frolicking about behind the foreheads of every last member of today’s GOP…

the flickers coming faster and faster now … as we approach the demographical destination point past which there lies no more minority rule …

a demographical destination point the fear of which they are not alone in possessing …

the one pushing possibility … promoting progressive motion to the point where the forming of a more perfect union, a true multicultural democracy for the land of the free, becomes measurably closer to inevitable than it is to unfathomable.

Alas … this union is not for you … for to form it you must first wake.

They committed themselves to the fascist coup as early as when they chose to hold a kangaroo court in place of the first impeachment trial. There is no pivot … only an obstructionist pretense.

On Political Cycles

This is a unique inflection point. The weight of this moment makes my bones feel heavier than I remember. Last November … hell … all throughout 2020 … we the people demanded our voice be heard and our will respected. When our legislators stop working for us their concept of civil service must be corrected.

Democracy requires participation.

When we showed up in numbers … we gained the upper hand.

On Reality Rejectionism

Even when I answer the why to their behavior, the pure obstinance required by Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio to block out the reality of where this path ends still gets me. It was never a sustainable, career extending path to walk.

Rejecting reality was never a sustainable model.

But the work was not finished … and we have left the remnant of our dumpster fire to smolder.

On Sparking Dumpster Fires

The general consensus across the Twittersphere with regard to Trump supporters goes like this: they are morons … Hillary was correct to call them deplorables … these are the dregs of our society.

Whole lotta truth here. The problem falling by the wayside for a myriad of reasons is that the percentage of people for which this provides an accurate description and the percentage of people that fall under the label “Trump supporter” are divergent.

What we must understand … and work to eliminate … is the why. For some f$&king reason … too many f$&king people are squaring their perceived reality with an acceptance that our societal dregs have blossomed into 49% of our populace. I am still not sure how they are squaring the ease with which millions in this nation have found it totally f$&king plausible for there to be a shadowy, high power cabal drinking up babies in pursuit of immortality.

To heal as a nation would require merging our bifurcated information ecosystem. A stable democracy cannot house two realities.

On Political Analysis

Any postgame analysis must account for the current ecosystem by which we download information in this nation. The one which bifurcated our society into two distinct bubbles. I could just as easily have gone with echo chambers, analogically speaking, but there is something mesmeric about bubbles that better suits my mood. So let’s have a closer look at what lies within these bewitching bubbles.

We wanted … we still want … blood … for blood is warranted…

On Accountability

Everyone keeps acting like Trump is a f$&king mob boss controlling those around him. F$&k that sh$t … he is the bullsh$t babbling baboon puffed up like an orange balloon that we all clearly see him to be. Trump is the f$&king tool. His enablers built the propaganda machine for peddling this cult of personality as a means for safeguarding their minority rule over our nation.

I am not quite sure how we are meant to judge psychopathy where accountability is concerned, I can’t quite put my finger on a true psychopath’s capacity for comprehension. I have no such knowledge gaps when it comes to non-psychopaths utilizing weaponized psychopathy to achieve a stranglehold on power … willingly committing treason to protect that which they have gained.

But the blood must balanced with something else … with something new

On Moving the Needle

I wonder what it will be like for things to get better after being arguably as bad as they have ever been.

I wonder how all those falsehoods will play after things start to get better.

I wonder how many full fledged COVID deniers will finally encounter this deadly pandemic.

I wonder if red states will continue to suffer needlessly under Trumpian COVID policies.

I wonder what the recovering blue states will look like from those red states.

I wonder how those red state constituents will feel when their jobs come back.

When they aren’t so frightened.

When their families feel safe.

When they feel that their families are safe.

I wonder who the ratings leader is among cable news networks.

Wait … who used to be the leader?

Okay … but for how long? Really?

I wonder what changed.

We continue to choose the unbalanced approach. So blinded by our outrage we are unable to see what progress necessitates

On Perpetual Tribalism

I just can’t get over what people think a large sign that says cancel Jim Jordan could accomplish. Just feels like, if you (eye rolly voice) haaave to throw your money into paint, one might compose something that at least holds a point. But really, f$&k billboards.

The fact of it is the billboards, the videos. You either didn’t need the negative sell, it was to make you feel powerful … or congrats you just convinced someone to dig in another two years on account of your self-righteousness.

With each new month, folks will have forgotten a little more. When enough time has passed without persuasion, well done, by not pressing our advantage you have managed to rehydrate a career that was ready to be crumpled and tossed.

Which has been extremely difficult for me to watch.

On What is Easier

Being on the edge of my seat wondering whether (never even having been in a real fight) I was about to take the two tasers, the two axes, the two machetes, and the mallet (that drove those chain link fence posts into the soil on the San Diego County property we owned for six months), drive to DC, find a place to stay, take a breath, crack the laptop, and find out whether A Brilliant Mind could plan the perfect murder of the fascist coup instigating tyrant Thomas Payne told us was to fertilize that f$&king tree.

Carrying ahead as we’ve arrived does nought but stoke the flames of that fire. Ingenuity will be required. A grassroots movement to reach into that other bubble of reality and snatch back what souls we can salvage.

On Discrepant World-views and Problem Solving Efficacy (or On F$&kin’ Dragons)

A brief note for short attention spans: stick around if you wanna see how I manage to seamlessly (and I do say so myself) tie together dragon mythology, weaving, and politics into one giant point about world-view diversity and problem solving efficacy (even got a Trumpian meme for y’all towards the bottom if that is more your bag).

I have always been fascinated by the common thread stretched about humanity that links up our narratives. The similitude with which humanity engineers itself by independent means.

There is no pivot for the Republican Party. There is only their base … and the beacons that draw them

The goal has always been minority rule by the white few over the multicultural many. They share this goal with others.

It is the bifurcated information ecosystem which enables them…

to sculpt their base to suit their needs.

By controlling the end to end information ecosystem of their base, they have successfully torn the fabric of American society in two.

And now the cultified have begun joining the ranks … and they are all the way in.

We had the momentum. It is now a push … and we’ve but one clear way to topple the house of cards they’ve built for themselves within that other bubble of American reality.

We must merge our dual reality back into one … one common reality … a reality within which we might find that common ground … the common ground required should we wish to build a strong foundation … fortify the American experiment … so that it may be gifted to our children. We must do this … and time is running out to start trying…

the futility of waking the woke.

Jason Cardwell @Moondeer