On Political Analysis

Any postgame analysis must account for the current ecosystem by which we download information in this nation. The one which bifurcated our society into two distinct bubbles. I could just as easily have gone with echo chambers, analogically speaking, but there is something mesmeric about bubbles that better suits my mood. So let’s have a closer look at what lies within these bewitching bubbles.

Let’s consider the first bubble. Here you’ll find such familiar factions as all-of-the-left and the NeverTrumpers. With these two resident groups, bubble one is unique in housing a complete representation of our nation’s traditional two party system. This, predictably, generates much discord; however, you’ll find all bubble one denizens united behind a globule cause: the restoration of observable reality as a basis for civil discourse.

Let’s move to the second bubble. Here you’ll also find some familiar factions like the GOP and the KKK. To fully comprehend the complexity of bubble two denizens; however, we must familiarize ourselves with some relatively new additions. Are you a white nationalist eagerly awaiting the commencement of your race war, fearing that an evolving American demography might minoritize you? Then perhaps you are already acquainted with the Proud Boys. Pizzagate got you down? Perhaps Q is not new to you. As with bubble one, we may tease out a characteristic universally applicable to bubble two denizens: the uncanny ability to house diametrically opposing viewpoints within their skulls. Tragically, this trait leaves bubble two residents tremendously susceptible to both propaganda and cult phenomena.

Let’s consider what the two bubbles have in common. Within each of these bubbles something magical happens. An entire reality blossoms within each bubble. An existence so colorfully complete that bubble residents begin to believe that their bubble must hold all of existence. Spend enough time within a bubble’s confines and any memory of a greater reality, of a world outside of the bubble, fades away like the colors of a weathered “these colors don’t run” bumpersticker.

If we conduct a direct comparison between the two bubble realities, you’ll notice that they diverge in some fascinating ways. Take the first bubble. Within this bubble it is a widely held belief that our norms and our precedents alone can protect our democracy. Naive, I know, but bless their hearts. Bubble two, in contrast, believes these same norms and precedents to be the insidious tools used by agents of the deep state as they work towards democracy’s deconstruction. And check this out. In the second bubble … and seriously you won’t want to believe me but I promise you this is true … in this second bubble millions … yes millions … of people find it totally plausible for their to be a shadowy, high power cabal drinking up babies in pursuit of immortality. Suffice it to say that among the myriad of bubble one denizen concerns you’ll not find any mention of baby drinking.

Now ask yourself why such disparities between bubble realities? Cult phenomena can be tricky so don’t feel bad if you can’t think of the answer. I can’t think of it myself. What greater implications might we find concerning the bifurcation of our information ecosystem? How would those implications affect political messaging? What does this bifurcation mean for mainstream media? Is “mainstream” still an appropriate moniker for applying to the media outlets we intend to reference?

What does the ecology of dueling reality information ecosystems mean for political analysis? Don’t worry if you don’t know this either. I sure as sh$t don’t. But I expect it’s consideration would be integral. Full disclosure, I am admittedly biased … for I am obsessed with this information ecosystem quandary … as the frequency with which I recite the following will attest:

Dueling reality information ecosystems, worldview rigidity, and the power of propaganda may be considered the root problem from which we have birthed every crisis we now face. Solving it is prerequisite for progress … perhaps even prerequisite for halting our devolution.