On Perpetual Tribalism

I just can’t get over what people think a large sign that says cancel Jim Jordan could accomplish. Just feels like, if you (eye rolly voice) haaave to throw your money into paint, one might compose something that at least holds a point. But really, f$&k billboards.

The fact of it is the billboards, the videos. You either didn’t need the negative sell, it was to make you feel powerful … or congrats you just convinced someone to dig in another two years on account of your self-righteousness.

With each new month, folks will have forgotten a little more. When enough time has passed without persuasion, well done, by not pressing our advantage you have managed to rehydrate a career that was ready to be crumpled and tossed.

The simplicity of the answer is what kills me.

Last November, I felt a part of something bigger. There was a sense of belonging. Today there is mostly a sense of disappointment. And it isn’t the government. It is the people. Which is worse.

Whatever happened to getting money out of politics anyway?