.@pimoore To answer your question (now that I've settled down), you were correct. Click the New Plugin button, name it whatever you like, paste in the repository URL and go. All the plugins can actually be controlled via custom theme files (with the exception of being able to remove the menu entry from files in the content directory and the favicon file output formats).

The following READMEs are up-to-date (aside from the assumption of editable files):

plugin-bookshelves (a README Experience)

A plugin for Micro.blog that creates a page displaying multiple bookshelves. Its code lives here.

2:45 PM • Feb 1, 2022reading time 16 minutes

plugin-cards (a README Experience)

plugin-cards is a Micro.blog plugin for generating link preview cards on various platforms (including your blog) as well as generating structured data for search engine consumption. Its code lives …

5:18 PM • Feb 4, 2022reading time 39 minutes

plugin-category-cloud (a README Experience)

A plugin for Micro.blog that creates a page displaying links to your categories layed out as a category cloud. Its code lives here.

3:32 PM • Feb 5, 2022reading time 6 minutes

plugin-lightbox (a README Experience)

A plugin for Micro.blog for presenting a slide carousel containing images and/or videos. Its code lives here.

12:34 PM • Feb 6, 2022reading time 16 minutes

plugin-programmable-search-engine (a README Experience)

A plugin for Micro.blog for adding a site search interface using Google’s programmable search engine API. It’s code lives here

11:43 AM • Feb 7, 2022reading time 15 minutes

plugin-conversation (a README Experience)

A plugin for Micro.blog with a partial for including replies and webmentions for post pages. The plugin also supports blacklisting individual responses to prevent their appearance. Its code lives here …

9:13 AM • Feb 8, 2022reading time 6 minutes

I'll probably end up updating the documentation for the table of contents plugin (used by all the posts I just listed), which basically just requires a suitably named container to host the button.

Update: in fact I just did…

plugin-table-of-contents (a README Experience)

A plugin for Micro.blog for generating a slide-over table of contents. Its code lives here.

7:43 PM • Feb 9, 2022reading time 8 minutes

There are a few more that don't have updated documentation … but that are primarily partials invoked from a theme that (like all of them) can be seen in action on my site like the custom page banners, the webring navigation at the bottom, the social media links and profile directory, google tag manager, plausible analytics with ignore visit toggle, and favicons (which doesn't have a partial but requires configuration modification to enable two additional output formats).

Holler if you want help tinkering with anything.