Kinda peeved nobody bothered to tell me about how @manton's changes to plugin edits bork my entire paradigm (requiring me to explain to everyone how to create files in other directories … I had a plugin with just the files for y'all to edit … it was idiot-proof … and Manton looked at the description (which was too long thus preventing registration) and failed to mention it would be a useless heap of sh$te).

Create your own clones of my configuration file plugin … and I'll help y'all individually as I always have.

Otherwise, I think I'm done writing and revising documentation until such a time as there is a f$&king point to it. I'm happy enough coding up cool sh$t just for myself … and I'd rather get back to writing and art anyway. Refactoring the sh$t was a chore. Updating the documentation like pulling teeth. Hell … I wrote that table of contents plugin, gesture-enabled and everything, just to help y'all navigate that sh$t.

Holler when all your parameter values aren't stored as a massive heap of unmarshaling-required, all-at-the-top-level, long-as-f$&k-names-required-to-be-responsible-about-naming-collisions, impossible-as-f$&k-to-troubleshoot-whether-the-whole-GD-issue-is-related-to-end-user-invalidly-stringified-f$&king-JSON.

I'm out. Moving on