I want to gain so much influence that my money is worthless.

I know right? What I would give to have everyone just read the essays that follow (whether they agree or not is their prerogative).

Like this one explaining what's at the heart of America's existential crisis:

On the American Upside Down

While the beltway press, the pundits, the influencers, the organizers, and the cogs that compose the political machinery at large desperately cling to those norms and precedents with which order has …

4:24 PM • Sep 28, 2021reading time 8 minutes

Or this one explaining what's at the heart of America's failure to cope with a deadly pandemic:

On the Rise of the American Anti-Vaxxer

Anti-vaxxers (specifically the COVID variant), what the f$&k, am I right? With the litany of undesirable consequences we invite by allowing COVID to just flourish damn near unimpeded, conjuring an …

3:34 PM • Sep 13, 2021reading time 8 minutes

Or this one explaining how half the battle for minority rule may be won simply by obstructing progress:

On the Obstructionist Agenda

Progress is a slow burn. An appreciable amount of time must pass before the benefits of legislative change may be felt by the heart of the populace. For all but our most enthusiastic beltway fanboys …

2:46 PM • Oct 9, 2021reading time 11 minutes

Or this one explaining what is missing from this era … and what it's been replaced with that keeps our little dumpster fire so well fed:

On What is Missing

An idea under construction

1:25 PM • Oct 17, 2021reading time 3 minutes

Alas, poor Yorick, they read them not … so I rant … and bide my time … and watch the sky at night … waiting for the Dibiasky Comet to enter the frame.

On the Dwindling Flames of Prometheus' Fire

For f$&ks sake, Chuck Todd (and f$&king eevvveerrrryyyybody else holed up in the Beltway … none of you politics-as-usual f$&kers seem to understand the following point), Biden did not …

12:09 PM • Dec 16, 2021reading time 3 minutes