Open Email to a Twitter Account Manager

Dear Austin,

Apologies for not acknowledging your email sooner. The most helpful thing you could do for me right now would be to get Twitter support to remove the age-restriction labels slapped retroactively onto every tweet with a link, photo, or video from shortly before 5/5/21 to whichever day my original account manager's support ticket was closed and the labels stopped appearing.

That this happened at all lays bare how broken the platform's support infrastructure happens to be. The reporting mechanism is regularly abused by bad actors, and the squad meant to sort such nonsense is nonexistent.

I documented the ridiculousness when I first noticed it. The screenshots below are all one needs to grok the problem. The supposed logic behind the application of the labels:

The first labeled tweet I noticed:

My appeal:

Being curious, I thought I'd test whether this was actually an "algorithm" by tweeting in isolation an image of the warning label as viewed from my timeline:

My subsequent appeal:

I challenge you to bring me a more inappropriately labeled tweet than this:

Here's the last appeal I would submit, it's failing to lead to the lifting of the label being all the proof I needed that there was nobody home on the other end:

I never received so much as the proverbial "your appeal has been received" email, much less an actual exchange. Turns out, it wasn't just me:

I frequently bring out year old tweets. That doing so requires taking screenshots to avoid being hidden behind an inappropriately applied age-restriction label is beyond ridiculous:

Should you be able to have these labels removed (or individually justified) for the afflicted tweets, I shall consider it a great help (and the second plus in a list of minuses). On the other-hand, if fixing the presentation of my content on this platform lay beyond your reach, I'm afraid I'd find myself unable to view Twitter as anything more than just another cross-post destination.

Thank you for your time,

Jason Cardwell ☾𐂂