It's a Tribal Thing

They call themselves "pro-life", much like Radio Shack used to call it's equipment "Realistic", instead of "Real"...

It's a tribal thing … and we'll continue to be ruled by the tribal whims of an old white regime desperately clinging to minority rule on the eve of a minority majority … as we fixate on the beating of our own drum … the shadows dancing on the periphery of our sight casting beastly shapes … shapes never fully in focus … always just enough blur to allow the mind to play tricks.

For it is a human mind … and the evolution of the human mind places one task above all others: pattern recognition.

The shadow casters are a threat. That much we perceive correctly. We see this threat … just out of focus … and our human minds do what human minds always do: look through what has been in search of a pattern … the pattern … that will make sense of what is now.

Were we to expand our perception … train our gaze on those shadows with sharpened sight … expand the field … taking in those figures from which the shadows spring, we would realize what went wrong.

Our minds had made sense of what is now from what has been … and that which held our sharpened gaze we'd never seen before.

False pattern recognition … the face in the wood fence.

So, yeah … it's that … or the woke can go ahead and wake the f$&k up.