Cape Wind is for the Birds

Came across an old letter to the editor, written in February 2008 for Greenpeace supporting the now abandoned Cape Wind Project. Since it is some of the earliest creative nonfiction I've unearthed, figured I may as well share it. So, here it comes…

It's worrisome that confusion persists regarding Cape Wind and the safety of our avian amigos. With a significantly one-sided partitioning of environmentalists and scientific studies favoring the wind farm's construction, opposition remains limited to a small subsection of wealth sprawled across the private beaches with a view of Horseshoe Shoal.

The ludicrous claims originating from the Alliance to Protect (Our View of) Nantucket Sound are about as helpful to this debate as a parachute that opens on impact, and as equally intuitive.

People, listen up. The birds are going to be fine! The Mass Audubon Society, after a five year study, has given Cape Wind the go-ahead. They've even outlined a plan of action should some unforeseen danger threaten the birds, a plan that also includes a mitigation fund for habitat conservation!

Now, consider the prehistoric smokestack that currently supplies the Cape's power, and its oil spill delivery system. One can see why local birds are psyched about Cape Wind's potential. Really. They are. Ask any bird whisperer. That tweet preceding a chorus of enthusiastic chirps... here's what they're saying: "Can we fly around the turbines? Yes we can! Yes we can!"

Bottoms Reader Bonus: Apparently I also managed to grace the front page of the Boston Metro around this time.