How to vent about the absolute absolution being touted by an administration over the blown withdrawal leaving countless lives (the ones assisting our troops in the thick of it knowing their lives would be forfeit should they ever be discovered by the Taliban) to be slaughtered (rather than having their evacuation prioritized before ceding transportational control to their executioners):

How to amplify said venting via insertion into a thread blaming Trump for freeing Taliban prisoners:

How to miss the point entirely, believing the decision to withdraw (rather than the manner in which it was carried out) to be the picked bone:

How to kindly point out someone's numb nut rebuttal while implying further engagement is of no interest:

How to dig further into your numb nut argument, still missing the point entirely, while exposing yourself as a douche:

How to blatantly connect the dots for some douche whose repeated failure at grasping argumental context has exposed him as not worth the time to catch the f$&k up on the whole sh$t show of an exchange he doesn't have the good sense to realize he is losing: