I may just write a definitive essay on the multi-national bifurcated information ecosystem (birthed by a combination of social media supplanting print media and the normalization of full blown, like-you-learned-it-in-school propaganda as an alternative news source) threatening global devolution,

how it is being utilized by the one percent to drive wealth in a manner inconsistent with the preservation of a planet we would hope to leave behind for our children,

how it is being weaponized by white supremacy with the hopes of stopping this nation's push towards a true multicultural democracy in its tracks on the eve of a White minority (hitting reverse should they be so lucky on the Color-to-White ratio in this nation),

how every bad thing we've experienced in the last four years can be traced back as a symptom of entertaining dual reality bubbles (where every vision dreamt by our forefathers and foremothers require a single reality in exclusivity),

how addressing each symptom as it presents does nothing to remedy the disease … or safeguard the lives and liberties of a populace teetering (from a bloody engagement with a fascist uprising wholly dependent on these dual reality bubbles) and fearful of the storm closing in,

how merging these dual reality bubbles is prerequisite for the restoration of science as our guide (rather than anti-science as our guillotine),

prerequisite for the return of civil discourse (rather than civil unrest),

the return of problem solving (rather than solution obstructing),

the return of an America in which its people pick its representation (rather than one in which our representatives pick their people),

prerequisite for rebalancing the distribution of wealth away from the lopsided 1% holding 70% of this nation's assets,

prerequisite for the long term preservation of the American Experiment (as representative democracy requires the acquisition of common ground … common ground that will never be found without the sharing of a common reality),

prerequisite for muting the ugly hate machine amplifying tribal division as an accepted alternative to tolerance …

so … yeah … I may just write that essay for the handful of y'all open to perceiving that which may not be pre-approved by your mind's eye for reception … and then go back to dropping out of the existential … leave the nation alone … see if it gets there on its own (fingers-f$&king-crossed that if it does so … it has done so in time).