On My Willingness to Hear What Democrats Have Planned

Hi, Ben. I'm kinda done investing in politics-as-usual politicians incapable of seeing the forest through the trees, unwilling to digest the requisite perspective for grokking the rot out of which our little dual reality democracy hath sprung, choosing instead to squint their eyes 'til the screw looks enough like a nail.

Their hammers are mighty. They are comfortable to hold. Holding them makes them feel comfortable. They haven't a tool for the head of that screw, you see–the drive style's unrecognizable. It is a scary feeling, being unequipped to face that which is in front of you, especially when what's in front of you defies comprehension. It is not the nature of problems to first ask for understanding before they'll introduce complications, before all that they touch begins to atrophy and what once was slowly is no longer.

We want so badly to recognize what we're up against because this alone allows us to formulate a solution aimed at preserving that which we find unimaginable to lose. If we've seen it before, then we've faced it before. If we've faced it before, then we've fought it before. The very existence of that which we have still to lose serves to indicate that when we've fought it before, we've won. So, we squint our eyes … and we pull out our hammer … and we strike with all our might.

This problem is not a nail. To continue assaulting the unprecedented with our arsenal of norms and precedents shall shatter the backbone of this nation as surely as striking that screw with the hammer shall shatter whatever it was meant to hold together. Our politicians, political strategists, and political activists are failing to meet this moment not because they're unwilling to do that which they believe has been asked of them, but because, in anticipatory exuberance, they've rushed their answers without listening to and fully understanding the question.

If we wish to close the seam rent into the fabric of American society, we must first recognize which thread shall be necessary and with which stitch it ought to be sown. I know, Ben, that you have simply reached out as a volunteer, that the structure of your organization is not meant for receiving. This, precisely, is the flaw in the design of our modern political machine–and what frustrates me so that I find myself no longer willing to invest.

There is, I suppose, no harm in leaving breadcrumbs, so I shall. Should Team Gavin 2022, or any member thereof, wish to cease squinting and open up their eyes to let the light in long enough for the full picture to develop, they can look here: https://moondeer.blog/2021/09/07/on-the-american.html. It is only after recognizing the problem that we can work together to forge a solution.