Turns out a Hugo shortcode that injects THE_F$&KING_MORE_COMMENT is more useful than simply including it directly.

It turns out that if you want your theme to be able to truncate a long a$$ post without a title, and you figure your theme could check for that special truncation comment THE_F$&KING_MORE_COMMENT when it checks for a title to see whether a summary of the post should go into the post list rather than full f$&king monty … kinda like:

well … you’d figure f$&kin’ wrong … as no HTML comments will make there way through to the template inside the .Content page variable.

If, however, you create a basic f$&king shortcode that is all like:

and instead of sticking THE_F$&KING_MORE_COMMENT in your long a$$ post where you want it to be truncated for its summary you’re all like . Well, in that case the HTML comments survives to make its way into the .Content page variable … and it also happens to be in place to mark the spot of truncation. F$&k you Hugo, I will make you do what I want.

Update: Unless what I want is to make you print out THE_F$&KING_MORE_COMMENT