Notes on the Bifurcated Information Ecosystem and the Dual Reality Dilemma

A gathering place for what might become a digestible representation of that which lay within my mind on the subject

  • The information ecosystem through which we receive our news, thereby understanding our reality, has bifurcated into two separate closed systems.
  • Print media was supplanted by social media as a primary source of news for large swathes of the population.
  • Trump's unhinged personality forged and then normalized the reality rejectionist platform driving the dual reality dissonance.
  • The dissonance between the two realities suppresses crosstalk between the closed systems.
  • The effective reach for messaging attempting to crossover between systems is zero percent.
  • The inverted messaging between the two information ecosystems segregates the population into two tribes.
  • The inverted messaging implies that for any arbitrary propaganda 𝑝, counter-propaganda 𝑝‘ (if it exists) would be fed into whichever ecosystem was not fed 𝑝.
  • Segregating propaganda from counter-propaganda, into two closed systems, creates a feedback loop within each system.
  • The feedback loop reinforces the segregation and amplifies the tribalism present within each ecosystem.
  • By increasing tribalism and removing counter-propaganda, an environment conducive for spontaneous cult phenomena has been created.
  • By segregating the population by political party, legislators have isolated their constituency within a closed information ecosystem wherein their rival has no representation.
  • The segregation by political party effectively fixes the political needle, at least with regard to traditional political messaging.
  • The segregation by political party narrows the effectiveness of direct action to the boundaries of the information ecosystem to which the actors are attuned.
  • Direct action only works when pressure is accumulated and applied across the entirety of the political spectrum; therefore, direct action cannot affect change within the current environment.
  • The segregation into two closed systems greatly increases the population's susceptibility to exploitation (divide and rule).
  • The segregation by political party prohibits civil discourse, the means by which common ground is found and the backbone of representative democracy. The American Experiment cannot proceed without it.