Love is a bidirectional link
An evolution of self-preservation
Two hearts do not beat for each other
They cannot do so
For they are the same heart
A heart can only beat for itself
As this one does
In two places

Spooky action at a distance
Two hearts
Drawing strength
Each beat an echo of the other
Quantum physicality
Love is a beating heart
Beating never sleeps
Gift from the giving tree

Without death, there is no life
And love is for the living
To bear an entangled heart is to know fear
The fear of losing love
As the loss of life breaks the link
Leaving half a heart to carry on
Bearing twice the burden

But the fear is vestigial
It belongs to the classical
The entangled heart is quantum
Love is energy
It persists in perpetuity
As one heart grows weak
Love traverses the link
Finding permanence within the unified heart
Now beating with twice the strength

The heart does not diminish with forlorn loss
It beats stronger
True love never fades
It reaches out through nurturing thought
Seeking souls with which to bond
By way of the entangled heart
Growing ever stronger
Giving ever greater
Like a drum drawing others
As the dark draws light
Each union
Doubling the heart's capacity to love
A loving heart is boundless
Hearts entwined
To thump in time
A drum circle
This size of which is limitless