On the Ghost in the Machine

Every inch of pivot we witness while Delta quietly tears a hole through the fabric of alternate reality may be posed as another evidentiary exhibit to support that these vaccinated, minority rule pushing m0therf$&kers have knowingly engaged in the fabrication of a reality for manipulating their base while secretly inhabiting the very fringes of what we know to be our reality. Foresight dictates such a pivot must be attempted.

The very nature of these men and women dictates the attempt will not be smooth. Pivot reversals shall be encountered. Ever since their adoption of the reality rejectionist platform, these nefarious little f$&kers have consistently repeated the same mistake. Being singly, short-term prophets blinds them to inevitability on a grand scale,

from the what-might-feel-distant 2028 key ceremony, when this nation officially hands over the demographic majority to not-f$&king-white (square that with the choice to go all-in while holding their white nationalism hand)…

to the as-we-f$&king-speak tidal wave of Delta permeating their base like water from the sprinklers would those fields full of little dirt balls been displaced by the holes punched through the earth.

Put yourself in their shoes. How would you spin the brutal recognition that those entrusted with the safety of loved ones knowingly lied about a deadly pandemic?

What might you say to your constituents, the ones filling up our ICUs, as they begged for the vaccine … only to be informed that it was too late for the vaccine to be of any use to them.

What would you say to them as they mourned the loss of a loved one? What might you say to the parent waiting for that status update for the child that's been admitted?

Whattheeverlovingf$&k … could anyone possibly say to the parent whose child has been turned away due to capacity?

Not sure what to say? Yeah, they don't know either. They will want to pivot; but, to pivot they must make themselves vulnerable. They must open themselves up to the sharpest of their base possibly connecting the dots as I've just laid them out, a short-term catastrophe every fiber of their being will push to avoid.

This … then … is the consequence of running on a reality rejectionist platform intended for consumption within an isolated, alternate bubble of reality … the consequence of relying solely on short term prophetry. The propaganda machine they built for themselves over in bubble two for the engineering of their base … that machine has ascended. The ghost in the machine now controls the narrative. Ask Sean Hannity how the pivot is going.