On What is New

Progress requires a pivot.

It requires an understanding of what lies beneath.

It requires recognition that old knowledge must be adapted to be of use when faced with the unprecedented.

70% recognizable … 30% new. This is the environment within which we find ourselves struggling to survive as a democratic state.


Dark money lining the pockets of suits bought with coal to impress mountain momma.

Hunger for power pushes Green Party alumni so far right she can no longer see the Santa Cruz River from Liz Cheney's lap.

An old white regime seeking to maintain minority rule via over representation within a filibuster-flawed Senate.

This sh$t is not new.

This sh$t we know how to handle.

How do we handle it?

With some m0therf$&kin' pressure.

Direct action.

Call your congressman.

Call your senators.

Hit the streets.

Paste that billboard.

Run that local ad.

We could stop here … if 30% weren't new.

So what the f$&k is new?

Non-white comprising the majority within the decade is new.

Horsesh$t birthed by 4Chan dominating the sensitive skulls of 22+ million Americans into acceptance that their reality is run by a shadowy high power cabal drinking up babies whilst wearing little girl faces in the pursuit of immortality … that's f$&king new.

I'm still waiting for confirmation from a cult scholar that an organic cult manifestation of such a size is new. If you are such a scholar, holler back.

Broadcast entertainment (marketing itself as news) f$&king feeding full-on, like it came straight from Goebbels propaganda … that sh$t is new.

Social media supplanting print media as their primary trusted news source for a large segment of the population … pretty f$&king new.

An outright assault on the veracity of our free and fair elections … f$&king new.

The non … f$&kinnnnngggg … peaceful … transfer of power.

Pretty f$&king new.

The infiltration of our policing systems by white supremacy fully f$&king aware of the aforementioned demographical inflection point … f$&king new.

An outright rejection of science from a nation that once led the way … this sh$t is f$&king new.

Dual … f$&king … realities … being hosted by our f$&king government …

the first … home to the two-party system recognizable to every American …

and the second … home to a one-party system that presents as if a shadow of what might be 1930's Germany.





Civil discourse used to be a f$&king thing.

If you're curious why it is no longer a thing …

here is the f$&king why…

Common ground requires a shared … fuckingreality.

Want progress?

You require civil discourse.

Want civil discourse?

You require a shared f$&king reality.

Recognize the problem.

Acknowledge that the dual reality bubbles must be merged … that the best way that may be achieved is with massive educational outreach infused with hella-f$&kin'-patience … and let's get to f$&kin' work.