On What We Must Endure

The thing is … America never becomes an autocracy. We the people have a will that may never be broken. By the year 2027, White will be minority to non-White for the 18-29 age group.

Did 2020 teach you nothing about the character … and the number … of those willing to wield what power they have to drive this nation towards that more perfect union … that true multicultural democracy we were promised?

Did you not notice how varied the shade of the skin upon those raised fists?

There is no engineerable endgame that sees the GOP in power past 2028.

The best-case scenario for these minority rule aspiring m0therf$&kers is a long … drawn out … sh$t show, a dumpster fire that makes 2020 look like that spark you can see in the dark when your sock-adorned feet drag too much across your carpet.

If your skin is dark enough, your side was chosen for you.

If you believe the White race is the superior race, you've already chosen your side.

If you are a bubble one denizen, you too have chosen a side … a side I am glad to share with you; but, there is something you are missing that you need to realize.

Every one of those bubble two denizens that weren't covered by that superior race horsesh$te … they don't understand the sides … or what is at stake.

They do not realize their fear and world-view rigidity has been exploited.

They do not realize they are being manipulated … sculpted into what best furthers the agenda.

They don't realize their realities have purposely been inverted …

and there are those among their numbers that are reachable.

Those lucky enough to leave a cult … ask them if they'd ever go back.

The quickest way to win a war is to fill your stable from the ranks of your enemy.

With enough success, and with enough haste, you may even manage to avoid bloodshed.