On Political Ideologies

As the January 6th committee begins holding hearings, it feels worth pointing out once more just where Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger fit into the ideologies of today.

Twittersphere, has this ever happened to you?

You find yourself grateful for something Adam or Liz has said. You admit as much on Twitter … and inevitably some a$$hat takes this opportunity to berate you.

They're all, "these people are not your friends. They did 'X', 'Y', and 'Z'. Blah-dee-f$&king-blah."

Well … here is what these useless blowhards fail to comprehend (and what resolves that inner conflict I'm sure you felt) … one mustn't be a friend to be an ally.

Liz and Adam are to the right ideologically. Adam's 2020 record scored a 0.66 while Liz's scored a 0.68. Were we to respect our political norms and precedents such scores would easily land Liz and Adam on our list of enemies … and whichever a$$hat trying to sh$t all over your gratitude would have at least one leg to stand on.

Side note: a score of 0.68 would stick Senator Krysten Sinema on that very same list. Bet that m0therf$&ker didn't know that sh$t.

Okay … back to friendship ≢ allyship.

When we bifurcated our information ecosystem, we doubled the number of realities hosted by our nation and available to our citizenry for occupancy … what I like to refer to as our dual reality bubbles. I also like to number these bubbles from oldest to newest. Let's look again at the House ideology scores.

Notice that the traditional score is not sufficient for plotting ideologies for our current legislators. We must adjust for the bifurcation by assigning each representative to one of our bubbles.

The traditional two-party system with which we're all familiar requires both parties to reside within a shared common reality. Without a common reality, there is no civil discourse as there is no common ground.

Within each reality bubble, however, political systems are recognizable. Within the alternate reality bubble, bubble two, we find a strong one-party system (this tracks with the pivot towards authoritarianism we've all noticed).

Within bubble one, we are clinging to our two-party system. The extra ideological dimension is the missing piece of the puzzle for sorting that inner conflict (and all the ammunition you need when telling that numb-nuts to go f$&k himself).

Liz and Adam represent the conservative element within bubble one. We are b@lls deep in the War of the Bubbles. The dual reality configuration is unsustainable and will lead to a failed democracy. This is why we are allies. We believe in democracy. We want bubble one to outlive bubble two. The bubble merger … that is earliest point at which it becomes safe again to dabble with norms and precedents. That is when all bets get called off concerning Liz and Adam.

Anyone dabbling with norms and precedents before that second bubble f$&king pops is f$&king up … for they've failed to see the forest through the trees.

Note: if you found this one hard to follow, checkout the walkthrough.