On the Unsustainable State of the Union

The state of our nation is absolutely unsustainable.

Dual realities, by their nature, divide the people of this nation into two unbridgeable tribes.

The pull of us-versus-them ideology has plagued humanity since before the dawning of civilization painted majesty across our retinal walls.

What truly caused the tearing of our information ecosystem in twain amounts to a complex amalgamation. What keeps it so, however, is not.

* Way more to shake out of my head here. Of course I'm setting up tribalism.

Dual realties write their own history … and these histories are recorded.

* Also here. The point here will amount to the reality rejectionist platform being open to an all out assault of the we-have-that-sh$t-on-tape-m0therf$&ker variety.

The way our species perceives and makes sense of our surroundings has changed very little (if at all) since we first named ourselves.

What divides us now is not the widespread failure of our innermost processor units.

Given satisfactory input … these units would be operating as we've always known them to.

Sure, there are a number of defective units … but the magnitude is marginal … their impact upon civil society diluted.

The broken output is a function of the broken input.

Garbage in … garbage out.

So true I'm not even sure with which profession this expression originated.

The only way this nation moves forward is by increasing the number of functioning processors receiving satisfactory input.

The best way I can think of to prevent these functioning processors from accepting satisfactory input is by driving division … beating that tribal dream … taking that processor offline while the lizard brain (its a thing, Google it) takes over.

Enjoying your front row seats to the devolution of the American populace?

Grab some popcorn and join the drum circle.

Hoping this nation one day realizes that true multicultural democracy we've been promised?

Help me deliver satisfactory input to those functioning processors … or at the very least … stop blocking my path.